Interested in Half or Whole Beef?

Sometimes a few pounds of ground beef and steaks just wont do the job, and you need just a little something extra to fill your freezer. Half & Whole Beef is a great solution to that problem.

This food investment will be sure to fill your freezer and feed your family for months to come.

If you would like more information about reserving a Half or Whole Beef with Steel Mill Farms, please contact us!

  • Food Quality

    The nutritional value and taste of Steel Mill Farms beef surpasses anything you may find at your local grocery store. Whether its our premade hamburger patties or our filet mignon, the superior taste proves there is a difference!

  • Food Security

    A freezer full of high quality beef ensures that regardless of the unstable events that may surround our world, your family will never worry about supply chain issues affecting the local supermarket.

  • Local Sustainability

    When you support local businesses you are keeping money in your community and strengthening the resources that community offers. This simple act of "Buy & Sell Local" can make all the difference to many in your local community.

Cut Sheet Guide

Filling out a cut sheet can be confusing...let us help you through the process.


Online Beef Cut Sheet

Already reviewed our cut sheet guide & placed your order? Simply complete our Online Beef Cut Sheet and let us do the rest!