Great! You've ordered your beef! Now what?

Filling out a cut sheet can sometimes get a little overwhelming. There are many options of different cuts, packaging weights, and more. Here is a short "cut by cut" guide that we hope will help you!

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Steak Thickness

A topic of much debate, everyone is different with their desired thickness of a steak. Personally, we like large steaks and typically select a 1.5 inch cut.

A 1 inch steak is not bad at all, but can be a little more tricky to cook without over cooking them.


There are two briskets per whole steer. While the brisket can be a hard cut to master, it can also be one of the most rewarding...especially for large groups of people. Who said brisket tacos?!?!

If you are not yet a master of the BBQ pit, it's ok! Simply grind it all into ground beef!


We normally have all of our shank ground into ground beef. However, for the curious chef, try some interesting Oso Bucco.


We normally get most of our roasts from the chuck. Not a big roast fan? Have them broken down into Flat Iron, Denver and Chuck Eye Steak. Or, if you are looking to stockpile ground beef, you can select to grind it all into ground beef.


Ribeye Steaks are another topic of continual debate amongst all lovers of red meat! We prefer ours boneless, but many people swear the bone-in ribeye is more flavorful. Regardless, the Ribeye Steak is our MOST POPULAR cut of meat and is delicious either way you prefer it!

Beef Ribs can be selected as Short, Plate, or Flanken. Short ribs are the smallest rack of ribs but are still larger than traditional pork ribs you will get at a BBQ restaurant. Plate ribs are the big boys, also referred to as DINO Ribs! Flanken Ribs are a unique way to still enjoy the taste of ribs without the time intensity of smoking a whole rack of ribs. Flanken ribs are sliced horizontally to make cuts of meat that can be marinated and grilled with minimal prep or cook time!


How Big An Ol' Boy Are Ya? T-Bone & Porterhouse steaks are BIG cuts of meat with a "T" shaped bone in the middle. Not feeling like a barbarian fresh off the warpath? Consider New York Strips and Filet Mignon instead. These cuts are tasty, smaller and perhaps a bit more civilized.

Top Sirloin

Bigger steaks with less fat than Ribeyes. These are excellent steaks to be sliced for steak salads or can be shared between two consenting adults! As with any steak, you can always choose to grind into ground beef....but we think you'll want to enjoy our sirloin steaks!

Bottom Sirloin

We normally grind the bottom sirloin into ground beef, but some people prefer to cut into a Tri-Tip Roast. This is a popular option for many at home BBQ gurus.


Top, Eye, and Rump. We get a lot of ground meat from these cuts, however, we do have a few customers that turn these into steaks or roasts. The steaks from here tend to be a little more tough but can be tenderized for chicken fried steak.

Stew Meat

Pass the crackers! These are larger square chunks of meat that make for an EXCELLENT stew on a cold winter's day!

Flank, Skirt, Bavette, Hanger Steak

These cuts come from the unerside or abdominal muscles of the cow. Flavor packed cuts that can be used for FAJITAS or quickly prepared for different meals. The are also numerous recipes out there that utilize the Bavette and Flank!

Ground Beef

Our ground beef comes standard in 1lb vacuum sealed flat packs. These flat packs make storage and thawing MUCH easier. However, if you regularly eat a little more ground beef at each sitting, consider the 2lb packs.

Hamburger Patties

These premade packed hamburger patties are GREAT for the quick hamburger supper without the mess of hand formed patties. These regularly come standard in 6oz patties, however you can request 4oz or 8oz patties as well.

Chili Meat

Our chili meat is ground more coarse or larger than our regular ground beef. This makes for a chunky chili. We only ask that you dont commit chili blasphemy by adding beans!

If we've contacted Have a good idea of what you want? Go ahead and fill out our Online Beef Cut Sheet.