Steel Mill Farms started as a back porch conversation among lifelong friends. Our two families (Steelman and Miller), were born and raised in our small community of Bettie, Texas surrounded and influenced by unbelievable men and women. Whether it was circling a dinner table or leaning on a fence post, they helped cultivate our love of Jesus, Food and Freedom.

In our ever changing “fast-food world”, we strive to provide quality farm fresh products that can not only feed families, but also help bring those small family farm values to the dinner table (or fence post) for the next generation. Clay and Clint Steelman were born and raised in Bettie, Texas. In their professional careers, both Clay and Clint are in the first responder community. Clay has been a law enforcement officer since 2002 while Clint has been a fire fighter since 2006. Clay is married to his high school sweetheart Becca and have two children, Savannah and Jase. Clint is also married to his wife Heather and has three children, Colton, Nolan and Cayden.

Michael and Kevin Miller were also born and raised in Bettie, Texas. Michael is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. Michael has been a practicing veterinarian since 2011. Kevin attended North East Texas Community College. He began his career in the oil and gas industry in 2007 and is currently still working in the industry. Michael and his wife Elizabeth have two beautiful daughters, Caroline and Collynn. Kevin is also married to his wife Alaina and have their young son, Cole.

  • At Steel Mill Farms, all of our animals are sourced, after weaning, from local farmers we know and trust. These animals are then raised to maturity here on our farm. We believe that by doing this, we are helping our fellow community members by providing an endpoint for their cattle that would otherwise end up in a sale barn or auction.

  • Additionally, this method of cooperative farming allows us to ensure that animals are raised with specific ethical and husbandry standards. Once on our farm, all animals have 24/7 free access to quality forage. Additionally, all animals are brought to market finish on quality grains. We consult with local professionals to improve our forages and ultimately the improve the health of our animals.

  • Our animals never receive hormone supplements and only receive antibiotics in the rare event of an illness. However, we will ensure that any animal treated will adhere to all recommended residue withdrawal periods. Each animal undergoes inspection in a local Texas state inspected processing facility.

"We believe that God has entrusted us to be good stewards of our land and animals, and we hope that this is reflected in the quality of the product that we bring to your table."